Yes, We are a US based Company with most beautiful team of crypto enthusiast, who are dedicated to bringing you the best products at the deepest discounts our suppliers can offer.

You can check our company info here : https://crypto-megastore.com/about-us/

Crypto-MegaStore.com Is it secure e-Shop?


Now this isn’t going to be a class on https and SSL, but you should never be buying anything online unless the sites you use are set to https and are using an SSL certificate.
www.Crypto-MegaStore.com is https and uses an SSL certificate, assuring:

  • encryption – the data is worthless to anyone who somehow manages to intercept it because they don’t have the key to decrypt it (you do).
  • data integrity – data can’t be corrupted, which is a good thing.
  • authentication – it prevents “man in the middle” attacks, which means that it’s not possible for anyone to trick your customers into thinking they’re providing you data when they’re really giving it to a scammer. This is what your SSL certificate is for.

Cryptocurrency Payments

Crypto-MegaStore.com uses the Block.io API & wallet service. Communication between the plugin and the API is secured via 4,072 bit SSL keys. All data stored at their service is encrypted. Multi-signature wallets built on top of Hierarchical Deterministic wallets (HD wallets) make it impossible to move the coins without your signature. Read more about security at Block.io.

Why only Cryptocurrency is accepted here as Payment Gateway?

We want to provide a way for people to actually USE their cryptocurrency, and what better way than on super discounted things you need (and some stuff you didn’t know you needed).

Did your cryptocurrency go up 10 percent today? Why not use that additional buying power to buy awesome stuff!?
For example, if you have $1000 in Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash,Ethereum,Ripple and it goes up 20% today, you then now you have $1200. Why not use $40 to get a brand new digital camera or some sweet new headphones? Take advantage of those gains before their gone!

We believe in the value and importance of cryptocurrency and know that the future is on a forward path using blockchain technologies. That is why we ONLY accept cryptocurrency as payment at www.Crypto-MegaStore.com.com

Which Cryptocurrencies do we accept?

In this moment we accept next crypto coins  :


Fast Payment Processing

We use transaction confidence metrics from BlockCypher and Block.io and detect Block.io’s “green transactions” (accounts required) to reduce the risks of accepting zero confirmation payments.

No Middleman or Additional Fees

Network fees are part of the network design of most decentralized cryptocurrencies. Crypto-MegaStore.com, however, charges no additional fees when making a purchase on the site.

But….shouldn’t I HODL?

Our belief for increasing the stored value of cryptocurrencies:
Cryptocurrencies are meant to be used as a medium for exchange for goods and services, it’s not a stock. Currencies inherent their store value from their medium of exchange property. The more we actually use cryptocurrencies to buy goods and services, the higher the stored value of that cryptocurrency becomes. An deeper explanation of why HODL is actually bad for cryptocurrencies. 

What is your return/refund policy?

See our Return Policy page

How is the exchange rate of cryptocurrency determined?

Price is retreived real time using Block.io (API keys required): which provides the lowest exchange rate from supported exchanges

Is it possible my crypto payment doesn’t go through?

The only way your crypto payment would not be verified via our payment processing system is if it was sent to the wrong address. Please double, triple check the send address during the payment checkout process. All payments transaction can be verified via block explorer https://chain.so.

How long is shipping

All orders are shipped out in 24 hours.Shipping times are 3-12 Business days after the order has been processed and shipped out.

For all customers outside the US how can you help us pay less Taxes and Customs Duties???

We Help You to Reduce Your Tax to Making Lower Invoice.Please write a note to our customer service department after you placed your order and complete full payment,with your order no. and your request regarding Lower Invoice

Our product are Excluded of all value added taxes and customs duties on US territory. You will be solely responsible for paying any outstanding taxes and duties as per your country’s law and customs. If Any product ordered from our e-Shop Will be Returned then you Need to pay additional shipping cost.

Does Crypto-Megastore.com help with Customs?

We can always help you by declaring low valued invoice to help reduce the taxes and risk at the customs. If in case of any special requirement please contact us and update us before shipment.

Which courier company do you prefer and how fast it reaches us?

We are flexible with the courier company. We have our option available as DHL, UPS,  TNT and all major courier company as per your convenience. As per standards policy our default company we work with is DHL. They deliver the product internationally by max 5 – 7 Working days. In case of delay with customs and law it may take up to 12 – 14 Days. We will always try to make sure, your shipment reaches on time as committed by the courier company.

Cancel or change my order?

As we ship in next 24 hrs we don’t have any cancellation available once the order is processed and ready to ship. You always get a chance to change the product before you click the process button. As we have a automated system which drop the entire data to our warehouse. All process automated and we cannot manually change the item or cancel as the product would have left the warehouse. As we have the fast shipment policy with in 24hrs of booking.

You still have questions?

Fill the form to ask you more questions, our suppoters will respone as soon as possible.