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Acer Predator X27 bmiiphzx 27″ 4K IPS UHD 3840×2160 NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate

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Acer Predator X27 bmiiphzx 27″ 4K IPS UHD 3840×2160 NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate, 1,000nits (Peak), 144Hz (Overclock),

4ms (GTG), 10Bit Colors, Quantum Dot, DCI-P3, DisplayPort 1.4, Light Sensor

  • 27″ 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 IPS) display
  • 144Hz (overclocked) refresh rate & 4ms (GTG) Response time eliminates ghosting
  • NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate for seamless tear-free gaming
  • Brightness of up to 1000 nits (Peak)
  • HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.0 x 4
  • Ergonomically-designed to tilt, swivel and height adjustment (VESA compatible)
  • Quantum Dot technology for optimized colors
  • VisionCare technology helps reduce eye strain and fatigue during long use
  • Predator Shield keeps you focused on the game
  • Minimum Graphics requirement: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or higher

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  • Fasten your seatbelt: The Predator X27 27-inch UHD display is about to change your gaming experience. This monitor combines jaw dropping specs including an IPS panel that supports 144Hz refresh rate alongside a response time of 4ms on a G-SYNC™ Ultimate monitor. Unleash gaming’s maximum potential to provide richer colors far beyond what has been previously possible. Experience something new.

Product Overview

  • Bask in Brightness
    When it comes to the screen, we decided to go all out and with a peak brightness of up to 1000 nits, you can too. Day, night, eclipse – game as you please.
  • Goodbye Ghosting!
    What does a 4ms response time mean to you? It means that the annoyances of motion blur or visual artifacts will be practically nonexistent.
  • Let There Be Light
    How do 384 individually-controllable LED backlight zones sound? If you happen to prefer the most realistic image possible, then this is for you.
  • Comfort and Protection
    Adjust the height, swivel and tilt the screen for the most comfortable view. The monitor sports VisionCare technology which incorporates several technologies helps reduce eye strain and fatigue during long editing sessions.
  • The More, the Better
    The 27” visual goliath packs a fierce 4K punch, leaving you with a perfect screen size for plenty of game time fun.
  • Quantum Dot Dominance
    Nanosized dots that emit a specific color based on their size infuse your game with a lifelike-realism that only they can create.
  • Learn more about the Acer America UM.HX0AA.004

2 reviews for Acer Predator X27 bmiiphzx 27″ 4K IPS UHD 3840×2160 NVIDIA G-SYNC Ultimate

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Calvin R. Long / Monterey, CA

    + 600nit manual, 1000nit HDR

    + Menu buttons and joystick for navigation – OSD panel is intuitive

    + 144Hz capable, 120Hz native

    + Stand is very sturdy metal and high quality

    + G-Sync

    + IPS panel

    + 0.24mm pixel pitch

    + No dead pixels

    + Very good contrast and color production

    + 4 USB ports

    + Packaged with 1 DP-to-DP, 1 HDMI-to-HDMI, and 1 USB type B (3.0) -to-USB type-A cables

    + LED lighting if you are into that sort of thing (can turn them off). Quite few lighting effects available

    + 384 local dimming LED backlights

    + Top-handle to facilitate carrying this near 30lbs beast.

    + Quantum dot tech

    + 3-year warranty (‘limited’ warranty)

    + Lots of options available in the OSD menu; e.g. remove blue light, various contrast settings, view mode presets, overclocking, etc.

    + Light sensor on top of the monitor (facing up)
    I’m coming from an ASUS VG Series VG278HE 27-Inch 1080p 144Hz monitor to this and I can say what a major, MAJOR difference/improvement! I tried an Asus IPS 60Hz panel back in 2013 but the ghosting was intolerable for FPS gaming. Beautiful picture quality, but poor refresh/response time. I settled with the VG278HE which was a TN panel with a personally acceptable pixel pitch of 0.311mm. The light-bleed was bad, but tolerable.

    I skipped over 2k-res monitors and waited for what would appear to be the right time to get a 4k IPS that was capable of at least 120Hz native. It’s nice now because get to enjoy the latest tech; HDR, G-Sync, HDMI 2.0 and DP 1.4 as well.

    At this time, I’m currently rocking a GTX 970 and can not get higher than 98Hz refresh rate no matter what and I can’t enjoy HDR; 98Hz is still smooth viewing. This will change soon enough when I upgrade my card. I read online that depending on your Nvidia card, you’ll want to install the DisplayPort firmware updater from Nvidia to support DP 1.4 from the card.

    Unboxing the monitor was painless. The top box inside housed some booklets, cable assortments, the monitor side panel flares (for lack of a better term), a VESA bracket and finally the AC power brick. Remove said box and the monitor is positioned upright underneath already connected to its base. Lift out via its top handle and give it a home. Hook up the cables and done.

    The monitor is very stable in its upright position connected to its original base. Moving the monitor is easy and yet adequately stiff in whatever position it is left in. Can lower and raise the monitor, tilt up and down, and pivot left or right. So far, no complaints here regarding this.

    There are 4 buttons and a joystick behind the monitor on the right-hand side for interacting with monitor settings; pressing any of the non-power buttons will display the quick menu which will show the current active monitor settings and allows for quick-switching the monitor profile modes, the brightness level and the input type. Pushing the joystick in directly will display the advanced menu settings. I explored the available menu options and set the monitor to my liking. There is even the option to save your changes to 3 profile-looking modes. Overall, it did take me some time playing around with the buttons and such to get a feel for how to work the settings efficiently.

    I guess from here, we’ll see how this monitor stands up to the tests of time and if needed, how good Acer support is regarding fixing issues. Acer does include a decent size warranty card that states that dedicated, ‘premium’ support service is included with this monitor – witch a dedicated phone number to call and a web link to chat with a ‘Predator line service professional’ if needed. At the bottom of the card is what appears to be a couple serial-like looking set of alpha-numeric lines of text – making me think that these might be important if reaching out to Acer support so may want to safeguard said card.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    John K. Vann / Lansing, KS

    -HDR on this is retina-burning amazing
    -high color accuracy and richness, I have a dual monitor setup with a 23in 4k Asus monitor, and the image on the other monitor looks washed out, even with the HDR turned off on the Acer monitor everything as advertised. everyone mentions the fan, it is not audible to me, either gaming with hdr or otherwise (you can hear it if you go directly behind the monitor and put your ear up close).
    – the VESA mount came with vented slots so it does not choke the fan (I have this on a VESA mount, and even with vented slots, the fan is not audible to me)
    – the RGB backlight matches my build
    – it is expensive, but you get what you pay for, which is a fantastic image quality
    – you definitely need a 1080Ti+ to fully use this monitor
    – I saw this German reviewer on youtube (it is a popular video for this monitor) really criticizing this monitor, but I’m convinced that he got a bad panel because mine does not have any of his problems.

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