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Meade LX850 German Equatorial Mount with StarLock and Tripod

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Meade LX850 German Equatorial Mount with StarLock and Tripod, 90lbs Payload Capacity

What’s in the box:
  • Meade German Equatorial Mount Assembly with Dovetail Saddle Plate
  • StarLock Optical Tube and Sensor Assembly
  • 26lbs Stainless Steel Counterweight
  • Counterweight Shaft with Safety Nut
  • LX850 Field Tripod
  • LX850 Accessories
  • LX850 Control Panel
  • Autostar II Hand Controller
  • StarLock Cable
  • StarLock Counterweight
  • 3 x Anti-Vibration Pad
  • Meade 1 Year Limited Warranty (See Specifications for More Included Items)

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About Meade LX850

The Meade LX850 German Equatorial Mount with StarLock and Tripod for LX850 Series Telescopes is a German equatorial mount for the Meade LX850 series Telescopes with StarLock dual imager full-time autoguider. This mounting kit comes with the AutoStar II GoTo system with a library of over 144,000 objects suitable for professional astronomers or astrophotographers.

The LX850 Equatorial Mount, constructed from machined stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, has a solid platform with a 90lbs payload capacity and pointing accuracy as good as one arc minute. Features include precision roller bearings on each axis, a 1.75″ (4.44cm) stainless steel RA shaft, 5.8″ (14.73cm) main gears, fine manual adjustment controls on both axes, illuminated reticle output port, telescope to computer USB cable and AutoStar Suite software. The mount’s main body weight is 55lbs. The tripod’s height can vary from 29 to 45″ (73.66 to 114.3cm) and has stainless steel legs with a diameter of 3″ (7.62cm). The tripod weighs 36lbs.

The LX850 mount features DC-servo motors on each axis with a maximum slew speed of 3deg./second, allowing slewing 180deg. to the opposite side of the sky in 1 minute. Fine slewing and photographic guiding speeds can be adjusted from 0.01x to 1x sidereal, with faster slewing at 2x, 8x, 16x, or 1/4, 1/2, 1, or 3deg./second. The mount and all electronics included in this kit are externally powered by the included 12V Meade Universal Power Supply. An external DC battery or power pack (sold separately) may also be used. The mount includes both mechanical locks and slow-motion manual controls on both the axis if for some reason you found yourself without power. The tripod comes with 26lbs stainless steel counterweight. You can add additional counterweights (sold separately) to attach additional payload to the mount. The tripod features 3 anti-vibration pads to reduce vibrations and shorten the damp-down time.

The mount comes with the StarLock autoguider that makes target acquisition on your imaging sensor and accurate guiding during exposures completely automatic. With the LightSwitch technology at its core, the StarLock autoguider uses an 80mm f/5 optic and a 2-camera sensor system to provide computer-assisted polar alignment using the drift method. Once aligned, the autoguider guides the mount in real time and even automatically programs periodic error correction. Thus, the autoguider achieves a guiding accuracy of up to 1 arc second in good seeing and has the capability of guiding on stars as faint as the 11th magnitude. The StarLock autoguider requires no calibration, user focusing, or guide star selection.

Meade LX850 Specifications

Item Includes
Custom Utility Tool – 5/16″ Hex Head Wrench – DVD with AutoStar Suite and Software – #507 Connecting Cable with USB Adapter – Internal Cable Fish Tool
Mount body
Machined from solid 6061-T6 Aircraft grade Aluminum and stainless steel
Anodized Aluminum and stainless steel
Main gear – RA & DEC
5.8″ under cut 225 tooth aluminum
Worm gear – RA & DEC
.68″ diameter precision machined brass
Counterweight shaft
1.75″ diameter, 12″ long threaded stainless steel
26lbs (optional 10lbs) threaded stainless steel. Quantity:
10″ LX 850 ACF: two (2) 26lbs
14″ LX 850 ACF: three (3) 26lbs
LX 850 Mount Only: one (1) 26lbs
12″ LX 850 ACF: two (2) 26lbs
130mm LX 850 APO: one (1) 26lbs
Drive motors
DC servo motors with encoders, both axes
Mechanical alignment
Fine adjustment altitude and azimuth controls
Tracking distance past meridian
20 degrees
OTA mounting system
Losmandy-style dovetail
Instrument payload capacity
90.0lbs / 40.80kg
Latitude range
10deg. – 70deg.
Giant folding adjustable height tripod with 3″ diameter aluminum legs. Height from 29″ to 45″
Control panel
12v DC in, 12v DC out, Power, Focuser, Reticle, Handbox port, 1 computer connection port (RS232), 1 StarLock port, 1 Aux guide port
Computer control
AutoStar II GoTo system
Database 1
Over 144,000 Objects, Catalogs included: Index catalog (5,386); NGC catalog (7,840); Partial Caldwell catalog (109); Messier catalog (110); Earth orbiting satellites (26); Planets (9); Uppsala galaxy catalog (12,940); Morphological catalog of galaxies (12,939); General catalog of variable stars (29,364); SAO and Hipparcos star catalogs (42,277); Draper star catalog (21,160); Yale bright star catalog (8,977)
Database 2
Large Bright Quasars Survey (1,055); Named objects (4,313); Herschel catalog (400); Abell catalog of galaxy clusters (2,712); Arp catalog of irregular galaxies (635); Lunar features (1,754); Asteroids and comets (120); Constellations (88); Solar/Lunar eclipses, meteor showers (492)
Computer hand control
Double line, 16 character Liquid Crystal Display; 20 backlit LED buttons
Home sensors
Both RA and DEC axes
Internal clock
Internal cabling
Slew speed
3 degrees/second
Tracking rates
.01x to 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 1/4deg., 1/2deg., 1deg., 3deg.
Tracking modes
EQ North and EQ South
Alignment procedures
2-Star Align, 1 Star Polar Align, StarLock assisted drift align, Easy Alignment and Align on Home
Wide-field camera
25mm x 26mm f/1.04 optic with 1/2″ format sensor gives field of 14.72 x 11.78 degrees
Narrow-field camera
80mm x 400mm f/5 optic with 1/2″ format sensor gives field of 57.2 x 45.8 arcminutes (2.68 arcseconds/pixel)
Permanent Periodic Error Correction
Yes. Correction is retained in AutoStar’s memory
High-precision pointing
+/- 1 arcminute
High-precision guiding
+/- 1 arcsecond (with good seeing. 1-4 second correction update rate depending on star magnitude. Faintest guide star 11th mag)
High-precision alignment
Semi-automatic drift align procedure for ultra-precise polar alignment
Power supply
12v DC 5A using supplied Meade Universal Power Supply
2.9lbs / 1.3kg
Counterweight shaft and cap: 12.5lbs / 5.6kg
Mount body: 60lbs / 27.21kg
Tripod: 36lbs / 16.32kg


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