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Vaonis STELLINA Observation Station and Hybrid Telescope with Gitzo Systematic Short Tripod

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Vaonis STELLINA Observation Station and Hybrid Telescope with Gitzo Systematic Short Tripod

Key Features

  • Catalogue of objects
  • Smart recommendations of objects to observe
  • Automatic adaptation to weather conditions
  • Auto initialization
  • Automatic star pointing (GoTo)
  • Image processing adapted to each object
  • Preset image composition for each object
  • Image live stacking
  • What’s in the box:
    • STELLINA Observation Station and Hybrid Telescope
    • Gitzo Systematic Short Tripod
    • 10000mAh Portable Battery
    • Battery Cable
    • Free Mobile App
    • Dust Cover
    • Bubble Level Plate
    • Instruction Booklets
    • 3x Allen Wrenches (Hex Keys)
    • Vaonis 2 Year Limited Warranty

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The universe as you’ve never seen it

Designed to make access to the universe easier, STELLINA offers a simplified and user-friendly experience around the stars. This smart and automated device will let you travel across the cosmos in less than 5 minutes. Browse Stellinapp and choose your next destination from a catalog of over a hundred objects: galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, the Moon…

The universe as you've never seen it

The objects of the universe in ultra HD

Immortalize your discoveries in an instant. STELLINA integrates a SONY sensor extremely sensitive in low light. In a few seconds, beautiful details appear on your screen that only the station can reveal. Thanks to stacking technology, the mysteries populating the universe come alive before you to reveal incredible images.

The objects of the universe in ultra HD
The objects of the universe in ultra HD

Our universe with others

Pilot STELLINA with your family or friends and fly across the immensity of the universe together. Accessible to all and easy-to-use, STELLINA is the key to share your passion for the universe. Connect up to 20 mobile devices to your station with the multi-user mode. Then share your photos of the universe in Ultra HD on your favorite social network.

our universe with others

About the fascinating world of stars

STELLINA’s companion mobile app offers educational content about the stars and the universe . Update the station in a few clicks from your smartphone. STELLINA will integrate new features, new stars to watch, and increasingly rich content to make the experience even more interactive and exciting.

About the fascinating world of stars
About the fascinating world of stars

1 review for Vaonis STELLINA Observation Station and Hybrid Telescope with Gitzo Systematic Short Tripod

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Steven S. Ettinger/Tyler, TX

    I own a variety of astronomical equipment, including several scopes, mounts (including equatorial) and both a dedicated digital Astro camera (ATIK) and a modified Canon DSLR. With almost any combination of these items, I can take superb astrophotos. The price? Time, and lots of it. Oh, and patience. My new Stellina consists of the combined scope and electronics in a briefcase size package and a small, portable tripod. Set up takes only a few minutes and another five or so for the unit to use your OIS/Android phone to orient itself, take a few photos of star fields for precision location, and focus. The Stellina app will then give you a variety of objects/targets that are currently in the night sky for your location and cay and time. In a month or so that I’ve had the scope I have been delighted at its ease-of-use but more importantly, at the quality of the images. No, the scope will not duplicate the photographic results of more sophisticated (and often more expensive) equipment, but I was — and you will be — impressed with what you do achieve. The JPEGs are processed by the unit’s computer using advanced stacking and processing software but you’re also given RAW files that you can process yourself with any number of currently available astronomical software. While the scope is essentially on an altazimuth mount it contains a mechanical field rotator that keeps the scope accurately focused for extended periods of time. I recently took a 60-minute photo of the Horsehead Nebula which stayed in focus the entire time. You could not do this with most altazimuth mounts offered by Celestron or Meade. Yes, the Stellina is expensive but in my mind worth every penny. In short, for ease, simplicity of use and great images, it can’t be beaten. And on a personal note, I can’t tell you how many of my neighbors have been dazzled with the beauties of the night sky taken from my driveway. Highly recommended.

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