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Vixen Sphinx SXP Go-To EQ Mount with PF-L Polarie Polar Scope

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Vixen Sphinx SXP Go-To EQ Mount with PF-L Polarie Polar Scope

What’s in the box:
  • Vixen Sphinx SXP Go-To EQ Mount
  • PF-L Polarie Polar Scope
  • STARBOOK TEN Computer Controller
  • Vixen 5 Year Limited Warranty

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About Vixen Sphinx Mount + PF-L Scope

Designed for the astrophotographer, Vixen’s Sphinx SXP Equatorial Mount builds on leading edge innovations developed through decades of experience designing German Equatorial Mounts. The Vixen SPHINX SXP mount and STAR BOOK TEN hand controller display the best in portable GoTo technology. Vixen’s new Sphinx SXP Mount comes standard with the STAR BOOK TEN. This new generation of hand held controllers features a high definition LCD screen and the technology to show you the sky before your telescope takes you there. The Vixen SXP Mount has a maximum loading weight of 35 lbs for astrophotography and 50 lbs for the visual observer.

• In the northern hemisphere, the polar axis is aligned by placing three bright stars in the specified positions
• No need to set hour angle
• The built-in scale is illuminated in red, so that it is clearly visible in the night sky
• The brightness of the dimmable illumination can be adjusted in 8 steps
• When pressing the illumination button, the scale is illuminated for one to two minutes
• Power will automatically turn off after one to two minutes to prevent unnecessary power consumption
• Configure your Meridian offset and time zone calculator with their handy tool

The Sphinx SXP Mount features pulse motors designed to react smoothly and accurately. The micro slow motion control assures you of smooth operation.

R.A and DEC
The R.A. and DEC wheels have 180 teeth. They are high precision machined wheels and worm gears made of brass for the most accurate tracking possible. The R.A. and DEC shafts are comprised of strong carbon steel. The rotational parts have 15 bearings. All this to provides smooth tracking and slewing.

Unique Mount Design
The Sphinx SXP Mount is designed so that the mount body acts as part of the counterweight system. Does not include tripod.

Polar Axis Scope
The New Vixen Polarie Polar Scope PF-L improves on the performance of Vixen’s original polar scope. Using a 3 star alignment with a smart phone app, setting up alignment is an easy process

Vixen Sphinx Mount + PF-L Scope Specifications

R.A. Slow Motion Axis
180-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
72mm / 2.83″ diameter
Brass, Carbon Steel
DEC Slow Motion Axis
180-tooth wheel gears whole circle movement
72mm / 2.83″diameter
Worm Gears
9mm / 0.35″ Diameter
R.A. Axis
40mm / 1.57″ Diameter
DEC Axis
40mm / 1.57″ Diameter
15 Bearings
Counterweight Bar
20mm / 0.79″ Diameter
Retractable Altitude Adjustment: 0 to 70 deg. (Fine Adjustment with Tangent screw: – 15 deg. , 3 step elevation) Approx. 0.8 deg. per rotation
Azimuth Adjustment
Double screw
Fine Adjustment: Approx. +/- 7 deg. 2 deg. per rotation
Drive Motor
Stepping (Pulse) Motor with 300pps
Power Consumption
DC 12 volts, 0/45 to 2.2A, 0.6 to 2.5A(Maximum)
Maximum Loading Weight
16kg/35 lbs. + Counterweights
1.9kg / 4.19lbs
3.7kg / 8.16lbs
Controller: CPU
32bit RISC Processor 324MHz SH7764
Controller: Display
5″ TFT color LCD WVGA (800×480 pixels), with Red backlighting
Controller: Electricity Terminal
DC12V EIAJ RC5320A Class4
Controller: Autoguider Port
6 pole 6 wired modular jack (for external unit)
Controller: LAN Port
Controller: Mount Connector Port
D-SUB 9 Pin male plug
Controller: Extension Slot
For an optional Extension unit (Autoguider)
Controller: R.A & DEC Display
R.A.: 1sec. increment, DEC: 0.1 minute increment
Controller: Power Source
DC12V (Power is supplied from the mount side)
Controller: Poser Consumption
About 0.25W (Stand alone unit)
Controller: Celestial Object Database
272,342 (SAO:248997, NC Objects: 784; IC Objects: 5386; Messier Objects:109 (M40 is a missing number. M91 and M102 are also listed as NGC4548 and NG5866 in the database); 7 Planets; 1 quasi-planet, the Moon and the Sun)
Controller: Menus and Major Functions
Automatic GoTo Slewing; Sidereal tracking and different tracking rates for the Sun , Moon, planets, comets and artificial satellites; Backlash compensation; VPEC; Permanent PEC; Autoguider application; Night Vision Screen; Bilingual interaction; Brightness control, Hibernate control; Built in Speaker; LAN connection updating
Controller: RA Coordinate Display
STAR BOOK Full Color LCD screen
0.1 min increments
Controller: DEC Coordinate Display
STAR BOOK Full Color LCD screen
1.0 are min. sec increments
13.5 x 14 x 5″ / 342.90 x 355.60 x 127.00mm
Controller: 169 x 154 x 30mm / 6.65 x 6.06 x 1.18″
11kg / 24.25lbs (without counterweight)
Controller: 14.11oz / 400.01g excluding the cable and optional extension unit



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