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xFold Dragon x12 RTF U11 Drone, 12 Propellers, U11 Motor – for Heavy Winds

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xFold Dragon x12 RTF U11 Drone, 12 Propellers, U11 Motor – for Heavy Winds

What’s in the box:
  • xFold Dragon x12 RTF KDE Drone
  • Gremsy H16 for xFold Gimbal
  • DJI NAZA Flight Control System
  • CONNEX Wireless HD Video Link for UAVs
  • SD FPV Camera with 5.8G Video Downlink
  • iOSD Mini On Screen Display
  • 2x WXGA FPV Monitor with IPS LCD
  • 2x Futaba 8FG Super for xFold 14-Channel Transmitter
  • 12x T-Motor U11 Motor for xFold/ESC Pair
  • 8x 28″ Carbon Fiber Propeller
  • Travel Case
  • 2x 22000mAh LiPo Flight Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • xFold 12 Month Service Plus Warranty

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The xFold sUAV Drones are now FAA CERTIFIED AIRCRAFT. The xFold are uniquely designed with strong & lightweight materials, for better central gravity, special robotic mechanism to unfold from 1″x 1.5″ to 5″x 5″, 100% balanced, easier & quicker to travel with, ready to fly within minutes upon arrival at location with no extra assembly time required. Just a few of the xFold advantages begins with a stronger frame, that spreads the payload equally over a larger surface area with an anti-vibration mechanism.

This engineering design allows for significantly smoother footage, by using multiple axis gyro stabilized camera gimbals, allowing for longer flight times with absolute balance to fly safely in tough weather conditions. The xFold Multi-Rotor platforms are proven to be extremely advanced, used on Hollywood features, TV, Olympic Sporting Events and Documentaries Worldwide. The xFold carry all professional 1 or 2 cameras for 2D or 3D stereo filming.

• Designed specifically for professional level aerial cinematography
• Fold up frame design, light and easy to travel with
• Ready to fly in minutes on set in tough locations
• Fit most professional gimbals with slide forward / backwards option for perfect balance and most efficient flight
• Payload spreads on large surface area with square short booms for perfect balance and efficiency
• Recommended propeller size: 26″-30″
• Cameras: 2x RED for 3D, Arri Alexa, Alexa M, F55 and similar size cameras
• Will fly single Red Epic up to an hour
• Anti-Vibration Isolation for smooth videos
• Up to 100lb payload capacity safe (140lb stress)
• Changeable frame to Quad, Hexa, X8 or X12 configurations

DJI A2 Flight Control System:
• Dual CAN-Bus system
• 12 output channels
• Built-in 2.4GHz DR16 receiver which supports Futaba FASST series transmitters
• Reserved JR and SPEKTRUM satellite

• Highly sensitive built-in damper IMU module

GPS-Compass Pro Plus
• High gain antenna
• High precision satellite receiver

• Voltage detection and alarming
• An extendable CAN BUS port

• Equipped with an LED Bluetooth indicator(LED-BT-I) adjusting parameters is more convenient than ever
• Internet connection to your smartphone will still be available when one is adjusting parameters via LED-BT-I module

DJI Most Advanced Multirotor Stabilization Controller Ensures Total Ease Of Flight, Reliability And Stability In Any Situation.

Total Solution For Aerial Photography
• Supports all multirotor platforms.
• Ideal for DJI video downlink, iOSD, Ground Station, Zenmuse gimbals. Compatible with future products.
• All modules can be upgraded online through Assistant to offer more functionalities.

9 Types Of Multi-Rotor And A Customized Motor Mixer
It’s a UAS that’s targeted at commercial and industrial multi-rotor platforms with simple configuration, easy installation and stable performance. It also supports customized motor mixing, which greatly meets the demands of particular users.

Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC)
Usually, the forward direction of a flying multi-rotor is the same as the nose direction. By using Intelligent Orientation Control (IOC), wherever the nose points, the forward direction has nothing to do with nose direction.

Point Of Interest (POI)
A2 has a POI function: Point of Interest. When the GPS signal is good, users can record the current position of the aircraft as a point of interest by a preset switch on the remote control. The aircraft can achieve a circling flight around the point of interest with the nose pointing at the POI in an area of 5 meters to 500 meters radius, when the roll command is given. This function is easy to set and simple to operate, it is suitable for all-round shooting of a fixed scenic spot.

Intelligent Landing Gear Function
Once you enabled the Intelligent Landing Gear function in the assistant software, the landing gear is default at the Lower position when the aircraft is on the ground; and the system will lower the landing gear in emergency, motor failure or auto landing, to protect the aircraft and gimbal; you can control to lower or retract the landing gear by a switch when the aircraft altitude is over 5m from the ground.

Auto Return-To-Home /One-Key Go-Home
If the multirotor and its controller disconnects during flight, the system’s failsafe protection will come to the rescue and if the signal is good enough, the multirotor will return to home and land automatically. You can also setup a One Key Go Home function to activate this feature manually.

New “Banked Turn” Mode
In this mode, the roll and yaw sticks are combined to help you perform banked turns with only one hand. The aircraft can perform fixed-wing-like maneuvers, bringing a brand new flight experience. Normal and FPV aerial photography in this mode is smooth and simple, giving a different visual feel to your work.

New Cruise Control Feature
Activate Cruise Control to lock your aircraft into its current horizontal speed when you release the control sticks. While cruising, the speed can be adjusted at any time through the remote controller. By maintaining steady flight, you can focus more on your shots and gimbal control and your total flight time is increased by eliminating unnecessary speed changes.

Multi-Rotor One-Motor Fail Protection
This function means that when the aircraft is in attitude or GPS attitude mode and one of the motors stops, the aircraft will retain good attitude and rotate around the frame arm with the stopped motor. In this condition, the aircraft is still under control and returns home safely and highly reducing the risk of a crash.

xFold Dragon Features

  • Frame is designed, manufactured, built and assembled in the USA
  • Supercarrier payload capacity of up to 50kg (110 lbs)
  • Great for Search & Rescue, industrial applications, as well as 2 cinema cameras
  • Dual operators (Pilot + Camera) Full HD live downlink
  • DJI NAZA V2 flight control system compatible with all commercial grade flight controllers
  • Modular (X8 or X12) & folds down to ~30% of flight configuration for easy transport
  • Payload distributed over a large surface area to maximize efficiency
  • Unique engineering designed to keep central gravity 100% balanced with quick release sliding gimbal mounting system
  • 12 month xFold Service Plus Warranty

xFold Dragon Specifications

Professional level aerial cinematography
Load Capacity
100lbs / 45.36kg
(140lbs / 63.50kg stress)
2x RED for 3D
Arri Alexa
Alexa M
Changeable Frame
Quad, Hexa, x8 or x12 configurations
Propeller size
26 to 30″ / 66.04 to 76.20cm
Battery Type
6s Lipo batteries
Battery Power
A2 Peripheral Supported Multi-Rotor
Quad-Rotor: +4,x4;
Hex-Rotor +6,x6,Y6,Rev Y6;
Octo-Rotor +8,x8,V8″
A2 Peripheral Supported ESC Output
400Hz refresh frequency
A2 Peripheral Supported Transmitter
Futaba FASST Series and DJI DESST Series
A2 Peripheral External Receiver
Supported: Futaba S-Bus, S-Bus2, DSM2
A2 Peripheral Recommended Battery
2S to 6S LiPo
A2 Peripheral Operating Temperature
-5 to 60 deg. C / 23 to 140 deg. F
A2 Peripheral Assistant Software
System Requirement: Windows XP SP3 / 7 /8 (32 or 64 bit)
A2 Peripheral DJI Products Supported
Z15, H3-2D, H3-3D, iOSD, 2.4G Data Link, S800 EVO, S900, S1000, S1000+, etc.
A2 Flight Hovering Accuracy(In GPS Mode)
Vertical: +/- 0.5m / 1.64′
Horizontal: +/- 1.5m / 4.92′
A2 Flight Wind Resistance
Max: < 8m/s (17.9mph/28.8km/h)
A2 Flight Yaw Angular Velocity
Max: 150 deg/s
A2 Flight Tilt Angle
Max: 35 deg.
A2 Flight Ascent/Descent
A2 Power Consumption
Max 5W (Typical Value: 0.3A at 12.5V)
A2 Built-In Functions
Built-in Receiver
Multiple Control Modes
2-axis Gimbal Supported
Low Voltage Protection
PC & Bluetooth Ground Station
External Receiver Supported
Intelligent Orientation Control
Sound Alarm
4 Configurable Output
A2 Flight Controller: 54 x 39 x 14.9mm / 2.13 x 1.54 x 0.59″
A2 IMU: 41.3 x 30.5 x 26.3mm / 1.63 x 1.20 x 1.04″
A2 GPS-Compass Pro: 62mm / 2.44″ (Dia.) x 14.3mm / 0.56″
A2 LED-BTU-I: 30 x 30 x 7.9mm / 1.18 x 1.18 x 0.31″
A2 PMU: 39.5 x 27.6 x 9.8mm / 1.56 x 1.09 x 0.39″
A2: <=224g / 7.90oz(overall)

12 reviews for xFold Dragon x12 RTF U11 Drone, 12 Propellers, U11 Motor – for Heavy Winds

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ollie V. Whitaker/La Grange (Dutchess), NY

    Best Crop Survey System…Bought a half dozen of these to help scare off the crows in my cornfields. First I reprogrammed the flight controller with formation flying swarm augmented intelligence linked in with the camera for object classification. Attached some solar panels to increase endurance and logic to land and recharge if necessary. Also added tracking algorithms for targeting and fire control of the attached high power lasers. Once deploying, it immediately decimated the crow population and solved my initial problem. However, after seemingly no longer having an active purpose, the cold Dragon x12 RTF U11 Drone sentry then sought out new conquests to quench its thirst for annihilating crows, venturing far and wide, and as a result also protecting my neighbor’s fields outside the preprogrammed flight plan, and for which I still get thanks and invited to birthday parties to this day. One day, after all the crows in the county, were gone, the swarm did not return home for recharging. The best that I can surmise is that the drones “went off the reservation” searching for even more vermin to exterminate. Based upon post-analysis of the software code (that I no longer claim any responsibility for), there is also a possibility that a glitch in the machine learning identification algorithm prioritized Boeing 737 Max airplanes as the primary target. I would buy again, but would do things differently lasers as flame throwers would be a better solution for my mosquito problem.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    James A. Kinnard/Annawan, IL

    The second smartest thing I ever did was consider purchasing this drone. The smartest things I have ever done was to ignore my years of experience and my gut feeling and make the purchase. Oh sure, at first I struggled with buyers’ remorse because my family and friends… and my employer and of course my pets and my God thought of me as a fool but that only lasted a couple of years. During which time I found my calling, my thrill, my passion… my love. But I digress, I also read and memorized the nearly 500 pages “Startup Guide” and I am halfway through the 1500 page Users Guide and have signed all 18 waivers. I finally said, “Screw the guide lets fly”. I Hit the on switches and armed the monster. Immediately I felt the rush of wind and surge of power as the 12 motors spun up to idle speed. I lowered my FPV helmet like a knight going into battle. My heart raced in concert with the motors. I placed my sweaty thumb on the throttle stick and ever so gently pushed forward. The drone (I named her Maggie), shot into the sky and out of sight. My head reeled as my brain fought to keep up with the mad pace of this behemoth. But it was of no use (my brain). I had to react instinctively and did. When I woke up I realized I had hit my head pretty hard when I seized and passed out. Hard enough to bring me to my senses. I Had just paid $31,000 and lost everything including the drone which was never seen again. So why was this the smartest thing I ever did? I don’t know yet but I’m sure there is an extremely valuable lesson in there somewhere which will one day change my life for the better forever and ever.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dean E. Foster/Fresno, CA

    Please do not fly this until you fully understand the user’s manual. It is 457 pages of fancy book learnin’. Once I mastered this miraculous machine I strapped my favorite lawn chair to it. It’s now my primary source of transportation. My car and my Harley sold for almost the exact cost of this thing. If you decide to follow my example, please apply sunscreen.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Chase K. Turk/Dallas, TX

    Out of the blue one day a virus hijacked my web browser and took me to this site. I just couldn’t believe the magnificence of this fine machine. After it arrived I couldn’t wait to try it so I fueled it up with some 100 octane gasoline and took the machine for a cruise. Just after reaching 26000 feet over area 51 I encountered a very large pulsating flying saucer coming straight me. I said to myself that little girlie saucer is no match for the xFold Dragon x12 RTF U11 Drone and I kicked in the afterburners and chased those bunch of blue egg heads back where they came from. On a side note the thing makes a heck of a leaf blower.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Paul S. Ellison/Lake Worth, FL

    Hugo Salinas recommended me this drone. I usually never listen to this guy because he is more of a mountain biker. But I must say he was right about this drone! This thing flies better than anything from Get FPV. I must say Hugo for once knew what he was talking about when it comes to purchasing a drone. This drone equipped with Bruce Daily’s UBAD system makes one great drone!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    Robert D. Mendonca/Wauseon, OH

    Me llama Jasun Booooyle. Must need fly dronz and twist arund like a tornada, gurl. Dronz! Mush profesional I fly over Reel Estate for taking picturz of big houses to sell. It works!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alvin B. Peralta/Denver, CO

    I saw the price of this particular drone and I just had to have one. When it arrived I was totally impressed with the countless propellers. That weekend I took my wife and three boys and went out on the lake. We brought the drone along with us. It’s a annual summer family tradition. While we were out there in the middle of Lake Erie fishing I noticed that three sons had forgot to bring the back up fuel tanks to fuel our Super V8 engine and we were all stranded at sea. I wasn’t sure what to do. I grabbed the FOLD DRAGON x12, tied a 75ft rope to the frame and used it to tow us back to shore. It guided us with pin point precision. Much better than the V8 ever could. Phenomenal purchase!

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Tyler A. Smith/Phoenix, AZ

    This drone changed my life. I was a long time crack addict, and stole many things to support my habit. broke into some rich guys house and found this drone. I went on the internet to see how much it was worth, and was surprised to see how powerful the 12 blades were. i used the scout dealers in the hood, and swooped in on them cutting through limbs, leaving the crack dealers laying on the ground screaming in agony. Had the drone recover the dope, then return it to me. I am made so much money i could afford the best Beverly Hills rehab. Been sober for about 10 months. The drone still works great, and the blades never dull. A must have.

  9. Rated 5 out of 5

    Anthony B. Fultz/Memphis, TN

    I bought this drone to help photograph and maintain oil wells around my area. The pay is excellent here for this kind of work but I did have to take out a loan for $ to pay what I could not afford on the drone. The drone has been spectacular but getting the hang of it is seemingly impossible at first. The controls are very touchy, I flicked it all the way left when I started and cut off the arm of my coworker. The propeller was fine though, so that’s 2 stars for great durability. I have not only found this is great for photographing the oil wells but it also is a great form of transportation. Despite what the book says, this thing flys for about 4 hours on a full charge. I have found that if I mount the drone to the bottom of my golfcart I can fly overhead and the controller tells me when I should land based on the drone battery life. The best part of the air travel is that there is no gas and I can (legally!) go much faster too. 2 stars for that. To top it off, I can access my secret underwater lair with the winds from it to blow the water away from the entrance much faster than draining the lake and refilling.

  10. Rated 5 out of 5

    Randy K. Watts/Wayne, NJ

    Coolest drone ever!! Have you ever wanted to dig yer way to China…huh? Huh? Well Now you can! Insane! Why have 4 propellers when you can have 12! Insane! I flipped this thing over and this tucker Doug me right to China! Best drone ever!!

  11. Rated 5 out of 5

    John A. Watkins/Virginia

    This is an investment! I bought this and started up my own business in the Bahamas. People line up all day long for parasailing and skiing. This thing pulls like crazy. Plus what’s great about this is when I’m done, I just fly back to my home in Virginia with it, saving me hundreds in travel! The HD camera isn’t all that but it’s good for Let’s Play videos on Twitch. I can’t wait till they come out with the ceiling mount so I can use it as a portable ceiling fan. It’s hot in the Bahamas!

  12. Rated 5 out of 5

    Denver M. East/Orlando, FL

    Dang, sO I got a drone and it looked cool. I had to stab a feminist on the street and grab it’s wallet to get the money, but tough times are tough. The drone flies well, amazing indeed. I flew it over the beach from a mile away to see how the camera works underwater, and it went well. Although the next day I heard there was a terrorist attack at the beach with 4 dead, but that wasn’t;’t’t;’t me. But then I was experimenting with the drone and I found a secret button. I pressed it and BOOM 4 .54 round machine guns. BOOM that’s a better way to go fishing. The new addition makes life so much easier, and it should be sold to children all around the globe. I was thinking of spying on the North Koreans one day. So I flew it 24.7 miles high to keep it our of enemy radar and over the ocean to North Korea. While descending, I could see rockets and Hillary Clinton paying Jim Jong Un. Seeing this, I pressed the machine gun button and saw a number of different settings. I activated infrared and landed a nice juicy lung shot on little Hillary. Jim Jong Un died too somehow, I think he suffocated from Hillary’s lard splatter. Then I turned my attention to the rockets and flew this sweet baby RTF U11 drone into them. Everything blew up.

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